What music is your music?

my guitar rack

Everyone has an opinion on music. What music works for you? Our access to virtually any musical format or genre has never been greater, and our dedication to our music, whatever that means to you, has never been easier to follow through on. But what is it that music really does for you? What need does it satisfy, what open space in your life does it fill? What value does it add to your life?

Throughout any usual day in my life, I’ll hear music everywhere I go. And I’m so glad I do! I find that music is a huge help in modifying my mood. When I wake up grumpy, or “crispy” as we call it at our house, playing some uptempo, positive-sounding music can really lift me out of my gloom, maybe some progressive jazz or classic rock. Or if I need to study or to write, listening to Baroque chamber music can really help me focus my thoughts. I might be home, or in a coffeeshop, or somewhere else, but plugging the headphones into my laptop and getting the music going leads my emotions and then my choices to get going on whatever I’m working on. Very helpful to me.


In fact, it can be difficult to find a time or place where some sort of music doesn’t enter my daily experience. How about you? Think about it- when you get up in the morning, is it the radio that wakes you up? Even if you listen to the news, how many commercial themes did the station play when they took a break? On your way to class or work, is it music on your phone or iPod that keeps you company? Music surrounds us, from our own playlists on websites like Pandora.com to the Muzak we hear as we shop. It guides our moods, fills up uncomfortable quiet moments and helps us relax, entertains us, gives us something in common we can compare notes on and socialize over.

A musical soundtrack can make or break a movie. A musical theme can sell a product. A scrap of music can replay in our heads for days at a time, sometimes helping us daydream, sometimes driving us crazy. It can be a great tool when we like the music we hear or a torture device when we don’t. But however you interact with music today, I’ll bet you have an opinion about it.

Music is powerful, and music is pervasive. It is an endless source of inspiration and entertainment on a universal scale.

If you have any questions about music, music theory or applications, please email me at [email protected]  And while you’re thinking about the question you’d like to ask, let me ask you one to get our conversation started:

What kind of music is your kind? How does it add value to your life, and what favorite songs, compositions or artists would you recommend to the rest of us?


© 2013 Steve Case